Support delay for premium customer



I am a recent new client, currently on premium.

Finding support 24/7 priority to be somewhat lacking. Chat bot is not helpful if not annoying given I am paying extra for the premium support service.

Otherwise great service.

p.s. would really like to have the pending deposit issue from an exchange cleared up, as I actively trade and time without access to funds is of importance to me.

Thank you.


just to add that the issue has to do with the limit to deposits. The error of transferring a higher amount than that permissible is my own of course. My issue is with the delays in resolution and pathways through to support from a person and not the chat bot.

Chat bot perhaps needs a rework. Especially in terms of it terminating chats and the general confusion it causes.

Thank you and apologies for being a demanding customer. It’s to everyone’s benefit I like to think :slight_smile:


I also note that there is a speed with which BUGS are addressed on this forum.

Just pointing out that this is an issue, not because you are addressing them! I totally respect that. But once again, as a paying customer for the premium service, I would have expected the same speed from the app itself and the “24/7 support” premium service. Even if what I am experiencing is not so much a bug. Your are separating clients based on what you charge them, hence one would expect an equivalent separation in terms of services provided.

Sorry, but I think these are important things so I am using my first foray into this forum to point them out.

Thank you an keep up the good work.


Issue was fully resolved today. Thank you Revolut team (and Maria especially) !!

Great service all around!.

Maybe work on that chat bot a bit more, it’s mostly annoying. At least for me.
Imagine yourselves in the various situations in which a client might need support for - sometimes immediate/urgent.

Even if the chat bot is not able to address the client’s concerns, it should still help you (Revolut) in prioritizing the requests accordingly. A happier client will share more information with the bot and that will make prioritization easier.

Personally, I would say get rid of the bot concept entirely and introduce a digital persona. The image and the bot references are a negative in my opinion.

Thank you again and keep it up !


Massive apologies for any inconvenience caused. I’m glad to hear it’s all sorted.

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