Support conversation differs when locked-out of app


I noticed that when my account gets locked-out (due to unable to verify card), I have a conversation with support.
When I get unlocked and reenter the app, the conversation is gone, and future messages from support become “unread” in the background.
If going back to “support” tab, it opens a completely new conversation - often with a different support person. This should be somehow combined.


Hi @Mike,

This is for security reason as we have to protect the user’s personal details. When your account gets locked, and you have sent messages to our support team but for any reason you are not able to continue the conversation don’t close the app, instead minimise the app so you’ll be able to follow the same chat.


Hi Andreas, I wondered if you could help. I’m consistently having an error where no text message or phone call arrives with a verification code. Your support team suggested I log out to fix the issue—and now I need a verification text to log in again! No one is responding on in app support so I have no way to access my money. This is taking up a lot of time and is extremely frustrating. Is there anything I can do?


Sure. Please drop me a direct message.


Sure. Very sorry but I can’t seem to work out how to do that.