Support contact? Questions regarding the service


Hi all,

I am looking to get in contact with support. It seems the only way is through the app, but I am on a waiting list so I do not have access.

Here are my questions, in case anyone else can help.

  1. I am American living in Mexico - I have family still in the US, and when signing up it said “no proof of residence required,” so I signed up with a family member’s address since Mexico isn’t supported. Will I still be able to have the card delivered to Mexico?

  2. I am looking to use this account to receive payments from my freelance work - as I understand it, I am provided with the necessary SWIFT/IBAN information to receive bank transfers/payments from various employers?

  3. For cryptos, I understand that I can buy/sell - but is there a wallet to store/transfer to fiat easily? Can I spend BTC with my debit card like with Xapo, for instance?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hey @mkern_22 :slight_smile:

Officially not. You need to receive your first card in your legal home address.

That’s right. Although it’s not quite clear (for me at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) how it’s going to be in the USA.

Read the crypto FAQs: