support closed


How come the support line in app has closed 6 hours early?? its only just go past 6pm and its saying support is offline already? its meant to be open until 10pm


I’m asking myself that same question. It says Mon. 6am - Fri. 10pm. I’d expect it to be open on a Friday at 6pm. This is very upsetting :angry:. It was not open yesterday at 9pm either :frowning:


Its very disappointing as i am currently in America and have an issue with a transaction so i am 8 hours behind so i am limited to the amount of time i have for the chat with them, they told me it was a 4 hour waiting time at 8am my time was waiting for 3 hours and they went offline saying it will be open again tomorrow.:confused:


I got the same problem. Support is live (it’s 8pm). They’re asking me a question and trying to help me but I can’t reply as ‘support is offline’. What’s going on?


Same here. The support member suggested to archive the chat because there was no activity from me… Obviously not. The support “is offline”. I coudn’t even write :sweat_smile: