Support chats initiated while logged out can't be resumed


Just an issue I’ve noticed a couple of times. If you start a support chat while logged out (from the screen where you enter the code sent by text, eg. Because you need to change your phone number in order to log in), then you log in, you can’t resume the chat, the support tab defaults back to an empty Rita chat.


Hi @wills,

That is mainly for security reasons. If you loose your phone, and someone tries to contact support to get access, he will not be able to see your chat history, where personal information can be found.

Andreas K.


shouldnt it last at least till the app has been killed or the phone rebooted?


@AndreasK, I’d have thought that would make sense for not seeing logged in chats while logged out, but not the other way round. But fair enough, it’s not a big issue for me, just a couple of times I’ve had to rudely abandon a support chat after I logged in :wink: