Support chat unresponsive


2 days ago I’ve had problem with verification - I’ve went through in-app 1st phase, uploaded photos of my driving license and selfie, it failed and asked me for residence card or visa - which I don’t have, because I’m EU citizen. I have contacted support through in app chat, sent photos there as asked and got message, that I am passed to verification team and am supposed to receive feedback next day (it should be yesterday). Yesterday chat switched back to Rita, which didn’t respond to any of my messages, even “live agent” - this is going on until now. My questions are:

  1. Is this normal (no response from bot, no response from live agent) ?
  2. Should I patiently wait for response even if I was supposed to get it yesterday?
  3. Should I take any additional steps klike rrinstallimg the application)?
  4. Can you help me in any way regarding verification process?


Hey Eshelion, try and type “resolved” in the chat window. This should reset the chat. After that you can type “live agent” again.

With the huge influx of new users because of the promotion they are pretty swamped. So some patience is required.


Cause of problem is resolved now, as verification were pushed through at morning. However I try to remember your advice next time chat won’t give any answer. No response from verification team is understandable, what made me feel uncomfortable was unresponsive bot giving feeling like my messages are going into black hole and that I can’t ask for anything until verification case is resolved.

I don’t know if you want to investigate this or should I mark this as solution, or leave it be as is (this topic).


Mark your own answer as the solution as it provides context on how it was resolved and what made you feel insecure.