Support chat stuck in "Connecting you with an agent"

It has also been a whole week for me.

I really hope they will resolve it soon.

Dear Nomadus, I’m very happy that you have managed to get a message across to Revolut.

Our “recurring” salary payment (just to show that there should be no flags coming up) has been withheld for two weeks shortly…luckily I have savings but for those without it can be harsh not to be able to pay rent, buy medication etc…In combination with the total lack of response/request from Revolut customer service this is very worrying and frustrating.

The following simple questions remain unanswered by your note:

a) How will the Revolut “fixing team” contact us, as the in AppChat is not working?

b) When will they contact us?

c) As they are withholding recurring salary payments, should I change bank as I cannot constantly expect to get my salary 2-x weeks late? (an honest answer would be good, before the end of this month so we can re-direct the next salary)

If you have a capability to communicate with Revolut, please ask for the following:

Ask Revolut to reach out to each party in the “queue” and state: We are aware your payment has been withheld for XX days, our capacity to review payments indicate your specific payment will be reviewed within YY weeks.

Send it as a notification, rather than a chat message as the InAppChat doesn’t work.

The total radio silence is the main issue.

I hope this makes sense - we all (used to) love our Revolut account!

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Good Morning @AndreasK i have the same problem, a transfer pending and can’t use the chat, i need that money quickly :frowning:

Thank you

This is the one area where Revolut has to give a top priority to improve. It seems that their support team is extremely overwhelmed by the complaints/queries from the customers. It is frustrating that there is no way to talk to Revolut. All their communications are through either app or emails. But it takes a longer time to resolve any out of the ordinary issues. Especially when it comes to one’s salary, Revolut must prioritize it and resolve it quickly without expecting the customers to continuously follow up with them.

Dear Nomadus, could you please also look into my case ? I need to provide payslips apparently but am unable to speak to a representative via the app chat and my app is blocked until I am able to provide those documents :frowning:

Hi @snipecmoi,
Suggest that you file a complaint through the following link.

Revolut will try to contact you through email to resolve the matter.

Same issue here… I was doing a payment on ebay, got the payment refused 2 times and then I tried to get support from chat and I was stuck for over 18 minutes (more than the expected 9minutes reported by the chat bot).

Can anyone tell us how to resolve “looking for an agent” bug. It’s been stuck on this for 2 weeks. Obviously I can not contact support to ask!

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