Support chat stuck in "Connecting you with an agent"

See the “account locked for no reason” thread

Hello, I am French I also have a problem with Revolut, I created a quick account and very well I then made the transfer of my salary to the account and revolut to block my account I can not use my money while I never use the account I can not support my family I can not eat because of revolut they say 48H maximum treatment but it’s been a while and impossible to have an answer it deactivates the chats and no response from customer service, I transmitted on the chat the origin of the money but revolut does not respond I really feel ripped it is shameful

sorry for my english i have to do with the translator

I transferred all my available money to my revolut by faster payments I logged into the app with need some more information, I’ve waited hours and it says Looking for an agent, I need to pay for things this is ridiculous no phone to contact anyone and no other way of getting in touch how can I get to speak to someone to send what ever they require?

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Same issue ! And I cannot contact support !

What should I do ?

Same issue here… Can’t connect to an agent.
Need to transfer money and I’m stuck

I have the same issue. Chat says “Looking for an agent” for 48 hours now and there is no real explanation of why the account would be locked. Frustrating there is absolutely no way to contact anyone at Revolut.

I am having exactly the same problem with SOF verification. It seems to be impossible to connect to the agent. I have uploaded documents but no reply

I have the same issue as above. I am frustrated as have been able to use my card, but now I cannot even use this. I have been waiting for 24 hours.

I am having the same issue. I have been asked to submit supporting documents to verify my funds but that feature comes up with an error when I try to submit for review.

Then when I try an talk to agent I get the “Looking for live agent” message. It’s been like those for 2 days and I can’t move my money!

My Chat says “Looking for an agent…” since 1st March and I’m unable to commence a new chat can you help please

My account has been blocked for two months. I was asked for documents that I sent. Status quo. Now impossible to chat with anyone I only receive automated replies saying to be patient. They complaints department refuse my complaint! Frankly an apalling after sales service. Very disappointed, used to work so well but now gone downhill.


I am having the same issue. It has been like this for 2 weeks. Please can I have a reply

Hi, I am trying to speak with somebody from revolut for 3 days and I have no answer. I have my account blocked. Help me ;(

I am having the same issue. I had money stolen from my account and reported it in the chat. My account is now locked and I can only access that chat which has been “looking for an agent” for the last 10 hours and no one even answering me. Has anyone above had their issue resolved?
I also have money deposited into my account from work every week. If the account is locked, what happens to the money? Will it be waiting for me once I get this resolved?

I am having this issue now. Chat has been looking for an agent for 30 days. Need help.

Me too. Chat has been looking for an agent, and my account was restricted. Help pls…

My account is locked, chat does not get answered for days now. How is this possible??? Why will nobody get back to me? Help!

Same problem. Waiting for answer over 2 weaks now. Cant get money. Its holded by revolut. Becouse i need to vertify my identy… But now i cant pay bills, buy things i need. And chat dont work… sended proof of card and name. And still nothing. And thats called “Automatic”

this doesn’t work I’ve been trying to speak to a human for DAYS.

i am in this same situaution, i need to access my funds asap

@AndreasK please help me with this situation,