Support chat stuck in "Connecting you with an agent"

Similar issue.
I was contacted on phone by a person claiming to be a Revolut member.
I can’t log on my account now. Yesterday I manage to chat with a support member but she can’t receive my photo.
Today I tried all day but can’t chat with anyone on the app.
Can someone help me please?
@AndreasK imilar issue.
I was contacted on phone by a person claiming to be a Revolut member.
I can’t log on my account now. Yesterday I manage to chat with a support member but she can’t receive my photo.
Today I tried all day but can’t chat with anyone on the app.
Can someone help me please?

I have experienced what is a whole new flavour of this issue - my app has been stuck in looking for an agent for a few days now however today, at one point I openned the app and instead of the usual chat history I had before, I now got a new screen and a fresh chat history I openned the chat, and just to be sure I closed the app and openned again, upon openning I got the original chat history again with looking for an agent so I figured it’s just a random bug and ignored it. A while later I get a notification saying review your interaction with Demetrius. It seems like the app had another state where a chat was started and I couldn’t even see it. A while later, I openned the app and got the hidden chat screen again this time I could see what Demetrius was saying, he was actually asking for documents to help my case but I couldn’t even see his messages the whole time and had missed my chance with him. The story continues as such, I have a 1% chance of openning the app to this “second state” where agents are actually interacting with me, if I close the app and open it again I am returned to the old state and end up missing messages from the agents, I have video and screenshots of this, it is an absolute nightmare…

@AndreasK my chat is blocked at looking for an agent for a few days now. Can anybody help me?

Similarly, my chat window is stuck at “Looking for an agent” since Monday. I tried to log out, delete and reinstall the app. Updated the app to the latest version 7.16. Still no luck. My payment is on hold. Sent a tweet. Hope to get a reply to resolve this situation quickly. :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Have you already tried the complaint form?

Not yet. Awaiting a reply to my tweet. Would like to give a benefit of doubt to Revolut :wink:. Don’t want to give up on Revolut easily :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad to inform that the agents responded to me and my payment is released.

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I have the same problem! Please help, no response for 6 days

Thing is happening to me

I’m new to the community and I can’t create a new post myself but I really need help!
It seems like my account has been locked and I can’t get into the app. I tried phoning the help line but the only info there that I got was to either come here or go the app.
I’m posting this as a response to this post since I can’t create a post myself since I only have a read badge. Hopefully someone can help me.

I’m having a. Similar issue. I’ve been waiting for an agent for over 24 hrs To process my salary that’s pending in my account. I’m sure it’s just a case of submitting proof of payment etc but I’d love to sort it quickly @AndreasK I love revolut and have only good things to say about it

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Sorry to hear that you are also going through similar issue. You are not alone.
I took it up strongly with Revolut. While they seem to be understanding that it is an ongoing issue, they are trying to address the issue as much as possible within the purview of compliance regulation requirements.

While we see all kinds of negative messages about Revolut, the following reply from Revolut may give a better feeling:

Your concern
You contacted us via email to inform us that multiple previous transfers into your Revolut account have been subject to a security check by our specialist team and you have therefore temporarily not been able to access the funds of these transfers. I can see that you are currently waiting for assistance from our relevant team on chat regarding another transfer which is still in pending state.
Our resolution
I understand that this must be a frustrating situation for you and I am sorry that you have to deal with this.
I would like to start with an apology for the trouble caused, as I understand that it can be annoying to go through this security check procedure. However I would like to assure you that we do have the best intentions with this and the safety of our business and users in mind. We are required by law to perform thorough security checks when our system gets triggered, which is why our specialists have to look further into these transactions before releasing the funds, even if they are aware of how inconvenient this can be.
Nevertheless, I understand that especially the long wait and repeated occurrence cause frustration. I would like to assure you that this does not at all reflect the service we strive to deliver to our customers and your comments have already been shared with the relevant teams for future reference.
I have already contacted our relevant team to give your case a higher priority, so we can hopefully speed up things and our specialists can finish their review soon. Please rest assured that the relevant team is currently working on your case and will contact you immediately through the in-app chat as soon as we have an update.
I do hope we will be able to solve this matter swiftly and we would like to thank you for bearing with us while we are finishing our review.
Thank you for reaching out!

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Hi there,

I am having the same issue, I am in an emergency and my chat has been locked with the same message for 4 days now.

I have typed again and again “Resolved” to close it but with no success at all.

The situation starts to be ridiculous. Can you please help ? @AndreasK

Similar issue here. Stuck in waiting for an agent. Can’t create a new topic so I’m posting here. Have tried posting this message 3 times already yet it’s waiting for approval from a mod then disappears. Hopefully this will get through.

Thank you very much for taking the time to put me at ease. I do understand that thier teams are Probably under a lot of stress given current situation like every body and it I do feel relieved knowing that it isn’t just me. Once again, appreciate your time you’ve taken to respond. I Hope you and your family are staying safe.

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Thanks @Ilyes1
We are on the same boat. We like Revolut for their idea, features and options. I agree that there is still room for improvement. I believe in hanging on there to reap the benefits. Sometimes it is really hard to endure the frustration. I tried all other neo banks including Monzo, N26, Chime, Varo, etc. Though each has its own strengths, they seem to be targeting different customers.

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Hello everybody .
I have the same problem . The my app is still looking for an agent during last 2 hours .
I am ready to provide any additional. documents but i cant even pay for my utility bills now cause my account is locked .
Any idea what i have to do now ?

@AndreasK can you help me ? My chat is stil searching for an agent …8,5 hours ! Is it ok ?

Agreed. It has been almost a week now and still no reply. I hope they write soon!

I cannot access my account and I would like that somebody contacts me I tried many messages in the chat but I get no answer . It would be nice if someone clarified my situation