Support chat stuck in "Connecting you with an agent"



Recently I’ve been requested for SOF verification. My account has been locked and I haven’t got any replies from support on verification progress. I also get notifications that my account now has a negative balance, which I cannot settle because can’t top up with SOF verification lock.

Please help.



Type “resolved” in the chat window and seek support from anotjer agent…



Hey, I’m having the same issue! I have been waiting over a day in the chat and no answer at all. I’ve transferred a significant amount of money and needed to do the SOF verification. I have uploaded the docs but nothing is happening. This is a pressing matter but no one in the chat is answering… I’m at a loss here. I loved Revolut until now



I have the same problem. Can someone please help? I need my funds and I already uploaded all SOF documents

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Very angry and frustrated now

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I’m having the same problem no1 cares I have 2 children and can not afford food becouse my money is stuck @AndreasK

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I got revolut 3 weeks ago and my identity is still verifying! I asked help to the chat support but anyone helped me! I don’t know what i have to do, is there anyone could help me?



@AndreasK I understand agents are busy but this is insane, I’ve been bounced around from agent to agent and each says the special team is busy, and someone will take care of it, but so far no progress. Maybe it would be a good idea to hire additional support?



I am having the same problem. When you type resolve or live agent in to try and get an update I am told I have now lost my queue for SoF validation and have to start again.

My accounts have been locked for days.

Also why do they lock the accounts rather than just quarantine the individual transactions like other banks do?

Never had this with any other bank!

If they have so many general support staff why can’t they either train some more people up or reallocate them.

I suspect the fact they don’t tell you how long you will have to wait means they don’t actually have anyone dedicated to resolve this - and in the meantime are happily sitting on everyone’s money.

The level of customer service around this whole area is shocking. It has really spoilt what was otherwise a good experience with Revolut.

Right now I really regret recommending them to people.



Day 4 - accounts still locked. No answer at all from Verification team. No indication about lead times or even if anyone is still alive at Revolut.

The “don’t call us - we’ll call you” approach wore thin after the first day.

This is beginning to smell bad when they are sitting on people’s money.

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Hi, I am having the exact same issue. I love the app but this SOF review/frozen account is stressing me out. I have had an open chat with Support for a couple of days that says ‘connecting you with an agent’ but I never get a response. I have uploaded my documents after clicking the verification link and into the support chat. I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any idea on how to get a response, get account unfrozen and access to your funds. Any help would be much appreciated!



Write them on twitter (you definitly get an answer ) or try to logout and login again