Support chat: no reply after 12 hours

I am having issues with a refund not showing up on my account and tried contacting Revolut via the in app chat. It’s been nearly 12 hours and no reply. There is a red exclamation mark next to my message but no explanation as to what this might mean.

I get that it’s Easter weekend and chat hours might be different but at least tell your customers if this is the case. Some sort of notification on message delivery status and estimated wait for a reply is urgently needed. I love Revolut and it has truly made travelling a whole lot easier but please work on your customer support.

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Exlamation mark next to a message means the message failed to deliver

Well this makes it even more annoying as there’s nothing I can do now. Did they just turn off chat functionality altogether over the Easter weekend? I was under the impression that you could leave a message outside chat hours, is this not the case?

@Arne85 @expatier Our weekend support hours, and those of today since it’s a holiday are 12-6 UKT. If you write outside of those hours the red exclamation mark will indicate that the message has not been delivered as we are offline. We only accept incoming chats during the available hours.