Support chat is offline



I deleted by mistake my revolut card and now cant add it.
The message I receive:

This card had been terminated and cant be linked. Please order a new card or contact support for assistance.

The problem is I cant contact support chat, its offline.

Why I cant contact support and what should I do to add my card.

Will be waiting for reply,
Thank you


Hey Ninety, what do you mean by offline? Maybe try and log out and back in. Maybe it will show as online then :slight_smile:


You need to contact support. They can “untrash” terminated cards for you.


…i do believe that was the idea:


There is still an additional piece of information there: support is able to unterminate terminated cards. No need to order a new one.

@NINETY search this forum for other ways to contact support.


Hey! I’ve reactivated your card. Your app needs to be updated :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for fast help.
Card is active now and support chat is also in online mode! :wink: