Support chat in app does not reset


My account has not been yet verified and I can’t contact an agent because my chat is still with yesterday’s conversation and doesn’t allow me to connect again to an agent or even the robot.

Please type resolved then live agent again.

I’ve done this but still no live agent has contacted me and it’s been almost two days and I really need to activate my account to use my physical card.

I’ll tag @AndreasK for you. He’ll help when he is on his shift.

Thanks. Do you know when is his shift? I really need access to my card to get to my accommodation.

Probably Monday morning.


I really need to use my card before that. I have been struggling with this for days.

I recommend Twitter.

I see that @JessicaZ is on forum. I’ll tag her too :wink:

I already sent a tweet and tried to chat again and no one has contacted me or sorted anything.

Now you have to just wait…

Hi there. As i can see an agent has responded to your in-app message. Sadly you are not able to verify your account as your documents have less than 3 months validity.