Support chat ghost notifications


Hi Guys,
I am on iOS. I got a reply from support and the notification just stuck in the app so everytime I close the app and reopen again I see the same notification about the same message even I check it multiple times. Another interesting thing was when I made my first topup via Apple Pay I got blocked so I messaged support. Shortly after I sent my message I got unblocked and I wasn’t able to return to the same support chat any more. I got notifications about replies from Robin but I was’t able to reply back. When I tapped on the notification it did nothing and it wasn’t showing up under support section.

Not annoyed or confused or anything just thought it’s a good idea to share this with you as I think it’s a bug somewhere. :slight_smile:


At least on android clicking the notification never opens the chat.
I always have to manually open support chat


My support screen is just empty and I can’t send a message