Support Chat drops after a few seconds/replies

Hi, so I’m currently locked out of my account, and trying to get back in using the support chat. Problem is, the support chat drops out after a few minutes or immediately after I get a reply. Then if i try getting back into the support chat, there isn’t any record and I’m talking to a new person.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app to no avail, power cycling, and various different ways to try to get around the problem, but no luck. I’m using a Nexus 5X on Android 7.0.

Hi @Judderman,

Can you please send us screenshots of what you see so we can investigate it? Please send me the screenshots direct to me (private message along with your phone number).

Thank you


Firstly I can’t for the life of me figure out how to send a private message.

Unfortunately also there is very little for me to screenshot - I see the “sign up” page - attempt to sign in with existing phone number and pin, then get forwarded to the “enter the code from the sms…” page, but of course never get the sms, so go to contact support chat interface - this all looks perfectly normal, and I can type posts and they appear normally, but as soon as I get a reply, or after a random amount of time the app drops me back onto the “sign up” page. No error messages, nothing the looks changed. I occasionally get dialogue boxes from the chat i’ve just left with what the rep has said, but these frequently disappear rapidly without me doing anything. If they persist and i get to press the go back to chat button, it just takes me to a new instance of the chat, with a new person and none of the old log.

Regarding my phone number, see my first point.

No worries,

I just sent you a direct message

Exactly same problem here!

Hi @Tadejz,

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account. Tap on my name and then on “Message”

Hi Andreas, in mean time I managed to solve problem with call from your support. Thanx!


Glad to hear that it’s all sorted

I think i have the same problem. I need to merge two accounts to one. And their is money in one off it but it’s unverified I believe. I have two numbers and my old number is the correct account.

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Hey! Drop me a DM, I can help :slight_smile:

hy can i get some help guys pleaseee

i have chat blocked without any response or method to close,what i can do? @AndreasK