Support can't find Transfer to USD account from a third party

Hi @anon33247966 ,

Since reading your reply on another thread that now Revolut accepts third party payments from non EU countries, I have provided the IBAN and reference number from my Revoult USD account to a US company to send me a sum of money. Unfortunately, a week has gone by and no funds have arrived.

The US company has provided me with the transfer receipt and all the information from their bank, but unfortunately your Support in the application is unable to help me and has not been able to find any information about the transfer.

Since I have been talking to them for the past 4 days, and today for 7(!) hours until now without any results and with one department forwarding me to the other I believe that you might be able to provide a concrete answer as to what is going on. Please let me know what information do you need from me to help find the missing funds!

I have the same problem, and the funds come from my own company account, all other transfers have arrived in 3 days,this time i have recieved the swift documents since several days, and I have been chatting with revolut support all afternoon on twitter, and they where unable to find my funds, almost 6000usd
I will come my bank tmrw, but I am sure that the funds have arrived, and i really don’t understand why revolut is not finding them

It seems that @anon33247966 believes that the support will eventually help as in his words via DM “they are more qualified to do so”. Meanwhile the funds are nowhere to be seen and support had requested that I provide an MT103 document from the sender bank. To be updated…

“Your query was escalated to Transfer Investigation Team which is better suited to help you with your request.”

@anon33247966: Please confirm that your team has contacted your bank (Lloyd’s) with all the information I have so far provided you, and that your bank (not your support) can not locate the funds in their system.

As we are not talking about 5 cents here, I want an official written answer that you did do all that is needed from your side while I am waiting for the MT103 report from my bank.

Looking forward for your confirmation.