support cannot locate my money

i am extremely worried, I send 2 bank wires from my company account of 2990$ each more than a week ago, generally they take 3 days to arrive to revolut, and I have receive the swift several days ago.
yesterday the support was unable to locate my funds now they don’t answer
This is extremely worrying, and I need this fund asap as i am entering in a new apartment, and have a lot of money to pay.
I am also very worried as I see several users have they account frozen because of funds verifications, and that it takes very long.
All my money goes trough revolut, so if that happens to me, I will be literally starving.
Please answer soon.
I am using revolut since more than 1 year, and love it, this never happened before

:r:'s support chat is currently experiencing an ongoing technical issue that’s affecting the chat functionality and therefore this might result in delayed response times or even no response at all.

That’s why you’re not receiving an answer :frowning:

This can be distressing, but I would suggest getting in touch with them through Twitter while they sort things out and urge them to solve your case. I believe you will manage to get this sorted out soon:

Yes i am actually chatting on twitter

@Juliopp I am chatting in twitter for 2 hours now with Jessica with no results
can you help here ?

Hey @alexadark :slight_smile:

@JessicaZ is a :r: employee and she’s really qualified to help you. I’m neither :wink:

@anon33247966 I have the answer from my bank
Please be informed that the below transaction is already processed from our end and we have not received any inquiry from the correspondent/beneficiary bank with regards to the same.

You are requested to share the below swift copy with the beneficiary to trace the payment with their bank

So that confirms that the funds are on your side
please find my money and credit my account!!!

I write here because nobody answer on support!!!

Hey. I can see that you are in touch with our support via a direct message on Twitter.