Support - Can I get my terminated cards reactivated?

So this happened. Ordered my cards one week before my travelling plans. App said 3 working days(i have premium) so I went ahead and ordered them. After a week they still didn’t arrive so I had to leave without them. I tried ordered them at a hotel i was staying in Italy but they still didn’t arrive. And now , 2 weeks later I receive a call from my home country, Romania, that the cards arrived(I ordered 2). There is no chance to get them here in Italy so I guess I’ll spend the rest of the trip without them. Is it possible to reactivate the cards once I return home?( I terminated them to order other cards here in Italy)
Thank you

Yes, cards can be resurrected. Just write support which card (last for digits) you want active again.


My card has also been terminated… I’ve been struggling to find a possible way to reactivate it again. Can someone please help me understand how to reactivate my card again? I dont find it necessary to order a new one as I have a metal physical card. Also with the current situation of the world due the Covid-19 and my geographical location it would simply be impossible to order a new one

Just talk to the in app support. :wave:

It has no use in this case because it doesn’t recognise that my card was terminated and just tells me how to activate a normal card…

You need to talk to an agent from customer support via chat. They can reactivate the card manually for you. The bot can’t do that.


hi there, and sorry for wasting your time, recently i closed my account just because i wasnt used it that much but some days ago i learned that i will be in uk austalia for a couple of weeks through my work, is there any chance i can reactivate my old account? since i cant log in the app there is no other way to ask for details.

thanks in advance!

Hi Frank

Sorry to bother you
I have the same problem : I did a wrong touch on my phone and my card was canceled.
Chat support is off line because I am a a standard account.
How can I get in contact with them to ask them to turn my card on again ?

That’s not the reason. Support chat is available for all customers 24/7. Try different internet connections. Switch between WIFI and cellular networks. That should bring you online eventually.

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If it shows “offline back on monday 08:00 am” for example they are still online and just the localized support is offline. You can still click on it and press “Chat to us”

The english / international support is 24/7 online.

Thank you
It works fin on WiFi. But not on 4G.
Now I can contact them
Thank you

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this is my own issue actually
where to contact REVOLUT???