Support Availablility



You guys really need better support outside when not signed into the app (like a number to ring or quicker response time). I managed to contact you guys regarding my inability to access the app (no longer have the linked phone number) and was told there was a 4 hour wait. Fair enough, far from ideal. Check back 4 hours later and my chat has disappeared - this time there’s a 6 hour wait.

Any suggestions on how I can move this issue forward?



Hey @seand,

Yes, this is quite terrible, the support chat session is not kept when you’re not logged in. Also, I didn’t know the waiting times are so extremely long (and, by the way, unacceptable…) :confused:

There are certain persons on the forum that might help you.
Reaching :r: through Twitter is also usually a wise idea :wink:


Thanks. I’ve tried through Facebook messenger and received an initial reply at 6bst. I followed up immediately but got nothing back. Don’t really want to create a twitter account to get help with this issue


Hi! I just wanted to flag up the support issue myself and thought this thread was appropriate. Besides availability that I agree should be improved there is also an issue with the quality/credibility of the support provided. I have come across incorrect information provided by the Revolut team twice already. Team Revolut, get your act together regarding customer support to grow into a trustworthy business! Good luck :slight_smile:



We’re extremely sorry to hear this.

We are currently trying to grow our support team and give thorough training to ensure that our agents provide quality service to our users.

Please reach me out via a direct message and I’ll personally review your chats.

Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.