Super duper loud price alert notifications

I have been setting bunch of price alerts for the stock market and I am never able to see them.

My phone have been on vibrate mode for probably 10+ years (all the phones) and when the price alerts come up I never hear them or notice them.

My suggestion is to make alert types like:

  • Normal (like it is now)
  • Super annoying attention catcher which you cannot miss out even during the WW3

I would like to see the alerts like a calendar reminders/clock alarms which basically is ringing your phone and vibrating and screaming until you shut them up. Then at least these alerts would be useful as from all of the alerts I have setup, I never saw one right away.

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Did you try to look in the notification settings?
Under the app

I do get notifications, they are simply just a notification like a messenger or even worse.

This should be an alert. It should ring your phone until you pick it up and notice