Summary of cumulated monthly exchange fees

I post this in Ideas in case it does not exist yet.

This month, I started to exchange currencies well above the no-fee threshold of 6000€ / month.

Each individual transaction shows the fee, but each time, fees are shown in the destination currency (NOK, ZAR, GBP in my case). Therefore it is really hard to keep track of those fees, on a cumulated basis for the month, in my home currency €.

I am starting to wonder whether or not I am being charged with my Standard account way above what it would have costed me with a Premium Card, even considering the additional 16€ fee if I cancel my Premium card subscription.

I can’t find the information in my account of what are the cumulated fees for the month. Revolut is not very transparent. Could you point me to this information?

Hi, I just manually calculated my exchange fees for the last 2 weeks … 195€. Oh my god, this is more than 2 years of Premium subscription lost in 2 weeks of transactions on my Standard Plan. How silly I’ve been not paying attention to these fees (each transaction they seemed small, but they accumulate).

At the same time, I am OK paying this to Revolut to support such an innovative company. But it would have been fair if, once I reached 8€ of exchange fees, the Revolut app would have flashed an alert in the lines of “Consider moving to a Premium Account which costs only 7.99€/month and removes exchange fees.”