Summary of all the accounts


Hi there,

I would like to have within the app a summary of all the the accounts, fiat and crypto. Of course, this should be in real time, updating live especially for the crypto.

I have 3 accounts in fiat currency and 4 with crypto and definitely I’d like to have an overview off all them in one place.


I like this idea, show how much total of your base currency you own if you converted everything.


This is actually a great idea! It would be very helpful to get this overview without scrolling through the app manually. An update like this would simplify the account overview significantly.

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The Anonymous


Another idea that might simplify the app; to be able to slide between the currencies across the whole screen instead of the upper screen as it is now. A simple but useful detail. :slight_smile:

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The Anonymous


This is crucial! It’s so difficult now to get an understanding of how much I have in total.

So it would just maybe be the first thing on the accounts tab. Showing a live sum of all accounts at the exchange rate in a desired currency, not necessarily the base currency.


Need this. Feels like it’s been overlooked.

@AndreasK What do you think?


Thank you for your feedback & suggestions. We will have a look and see what we can do :slight_smile:


they do this for business accounts from the beginning.