Suggerimenti ottimizzati per un uso in italia


Sorry for hasty description of the best performance in my possession.

E-wallet: ability to charge the account in real time from other prepaid cards / credit Amex included since it is poorly accepted in Italy. The cards are better visible saved with photos in the app with the possibility of bidirectional offers / “transfers” between cards connected in revolut with automatic login preauthorized of their respective banks (such as the Dutch bunq account or probably the Italian prepaid Hype);
Possibility to manage the preferential charge using the debit card
Also possibility to link the social card issued by the Italian government and the eenred meal vouchers passable only in the affiliated supermarkets.
Notification login from desktop and visible in the account the time and last access data with a history of the last actions performed in home bankingbike push included (see account Widiba).
Recognition of iris and retina eye scanning.
Creation of sub-categories.
Alert daily and weekly balance alerts and preset thresholds.
Ability to create timed goals, excluded from the available balance so you can not spend them by mistake.
Possibility to divide the expense or group gifts among friends N26 users.
Scheduled charges calendar with memo that warn you in advance eg: that will pass a charge with a note via push.
Voice movements declined or reversed, visible time to reverse.
Manage SEPA mandates independently with creditor company code with search by name Sky Tim etc. Preset and test independently.
Memory of the most frequent Habits: last transfers / payments, transfers between users revolut.
Can the CRO code be sent immediately to the beneficiary?
CBILL / pagoPA bills, postal bills, pre-marked, arrow, f23 f24, MAV, rav, riba, car tax and health services all through QRcode and Matrix data code.
sim charging for smartphone.
Cinema ticket, bus and car parking at the automatic.

(for Serenissima leader in Italy).
Automation of future payments scheduled every week / month subject to future available balance.
Load the Sisal tobacco card
Possibility to load the mailpay
Cashback shops convention.
Integration with PayPal with instant payments between paypal users and integration with
Yandex, Money, QIWI and WebMoney and Skrill.
Display integrated in the card (I have one in my case) to see in real time the amount charged with sound useful when the smartphone is not with us or internet absent and to minimize the risk of theft to bring NFC from scammers in the subway or train come me already happened.
Emulator pos to collect payments from friends cards with 3d secure code.
Possibility to print the photo on the card.
Affiliation agreement as a money deposit from online betting and gaming sites.
Account statement and average proficiency for ISEE purposes.
State convention for home energy savings.
Possibility to close all current accounts and removal of residual balance and domiciliations by transferring everything to revolut

Pre-completed form for salary crediting.
Automatic threshold topping preset by other paper / current account.
With all these possibilities listed above, all current and prepaid accounts


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