Suddenly I can't withdraw from an ATM anymore



Suddenly I’m not able to withdraw from an ATM anymore. I used the same ATM as a few days ago where I successfully could withdraw cash. On the screen I get an error saying the ATM can’t contact my bank. Paying POS (groceries and stuff ) is working fine. I contacted yesterday the support and they couldn’t help me either.
Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? I checked my settings in the app and nothing is changed. All settings are normal (withdrawal from an ATM is enabled).
Please someone help me. Thank you.


What kind of payment you choose in grocery? Contactless, magstripe or chip?


It’s probably my chip? Because I use my pin code. But the same ATM where I was able to withdraw sucesfuly is now declining my withdraw.


Do you swipe it? (Magstripe)
Put it into the gap? (chip)
Approach it to the POS? (contactless)

I am asking because it can be method different from chip (which usually in ATM).