Sudden Crypto Fee


Two questions here regarding crypto on Revolut.

  1. I notice that when I place an order, say 1.000DKK of Crypto I only get crypto worth of 960DKK. This is around 4% reduction. Why is this happening?

  2. Somewhere above 35.000DKK there pops up a new line on right bottom corner saying “Inc. Fee…”

How much is this fee and why does ot suddenly pop up? Below this amount I have never seen it pop up.



There’s a 3-5% fee. It’s explained in a topic here.

What I’ve found weird is that for RON > ETH was ~5% fee while for EUR> ETH was about 3%.

Overall was ok as in1-2 days the fee was covered by the value increasing of the crypto market :slight_smile:

Check this topic too


Hi Iskender.

Thanks alot for your info. :slight_smile: