Such bad service



I registered 2 days ago to Revolut. I made my first transfer and took a premium account.
Yesterday, my account was blocked for security reasons.
I have tried to reach the support. The only answer I got is “thanks for your patience”.
My account is still blocked, I do not have any feedback from the support.
It is just Unbelievable.

What can I do now? If the problem is not solved within the next hours, I just want to take my money back and close my account.

Thanks for your help


Hi! I recommend reaching support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) as they respond the fastest there :slight_smile: You could also try Facebook:


Thanks. I have tried FB. I do not use twitter
Support 24/7 is not true for premium account at the end…


I’m a premium user too and I’ve been able to reach them quite easily :slight_smile: It’s just that they have a lot of requests so it’s better if you try it earlier in the morning or later in the evening in my opinion!


Problem fixed now.
Thanks !