Subway vending machine decline transaction but funds removed from account (USA)


I recently used a subway vending machine in NYC and tried to purchase a ticket. Every time I tried, the machine displayed that payment couldn’t be completed. Overall, I tried 4 times. Later when checking my account using your app I found out I was actually charged for the cost of the ticket ($3) every time I tried. How can I claim for this to be refunded to my account? Thanks.


Hello @montserrat23 :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of topics in the forum (and an entry in the FAQ i believe) regarding the NYC subway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
However, nobody seemed to get a definitive answer… :frowning:

As for the refund, it will be automatically refunded within 7 days (but usually less) :blush:


Pending payments are reapplied to accounts after 10 days


Could be faster than 10 days. Depends on how the payment processors handles a failed payment.


Pending transactions take up to 7 days now. Regarding vending machines, did you try “99999” when prompted for a zip code. This indicates that an international card is being used and your transaction will be authorised.