Student marketing


I have the impression that most students are not aware of hidden FX banking fees. They use bank transfers simply because (a) they don’t know that it is expensive and (b) they don’t know the alternatives. Since students are an interesting market segment for Revolut, I’d suggest to introduce a campus ambassador program. This could be an effective marketing campaign to sign up lots of customers who will use their cards on a daily basis.


Hello Christopher,

Thank you for your suggestion. I agree, that’s a really good idea.

We’ll take it into a serious consideration.




Hey @christopher - thanks for your interest in Revolut. This is a cool idea and one we’re currently exploring. Are you currently a student who might be interested in participating in an ambassador program?


Hey @grace - thanks for reaching out to me. I am a student at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland. I might not have the time to manage the program but I can definitely help you design it and find someone to operate it. I’ll contact you via email


any updates on the above?


You should get in touch with international student organizations like BEST, AIESEC, AEGEE, Bonding, Erasmus Student Network (all of them cover mostly European universities and internationally mobile university students)


Definitely something Revolut should look into. I am a student based in London. Revolut should also consider the international element of students as well (international students) as they provide a unique way of marketing, considering their high level of mobility between various jurisdictions.