Stuck with Revolut Business with no way out

I’ve created a Revolut for Business account. However after 3 weeks (i.e. one week after trial ended) I discovered that I haven’t used it and I will not really need it in the future (i.e. my bank accounts are enough for my needs.)

Therefore I wanted to close my account. Unfortunately, Revolut will not let you out before the end of the contract (i.e. one year.) This is scandalous, you are practically stuck with paying x$ every month for a year… for nothing. I would like to warn everyone not to be bothered with this bullshit.

PS: this is what has been automatically filled in this form: “We’ve launched a transparent, low cost platform designed to suit your business needs. It’s just the beginning of what we’re going to achieve with this product.” I wish it was true…
PS2: I’m a big fan of Revolut in general, I even use Revolut Premium on my personal account. The business offer is straight up terrible though.

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Hey @wojtek_throwaway :hibiscus:

I hope you’re doing well!

We’re proud of the service and support we offer and at the same time, we would like to invite every customer to read the Terms of Service before accepting them: so we can avoid any misconceptions.

The terms of service very clear: all Revolut for Business customers can test our services completely free of charge for a period of 14 days after which there’s a recurring subscription fee. The fee is charged unless the customer decides to withdraw their subscription within the trial period.

Your concerns have already been addressed via support chat @wojtek_throwaway and we’re waiting for your reply.

Kind regards,

Scandalous? Particularly as a business owner you should be aware of the meaning of a contract and what it implies.

It is not exactly that Revolut is even hiding that bit

You are not paying - as you claim - for nothing, but you are paying for the service you signed up for. Revolut even offers you a trial during which you could have cancelled the service. You did not.

So what is your complaint again?


I don’t see any scandalous thing judging from the above?!

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oh no, i have also signed up (still pending) and want to cancel!!!

Simply contact support and cancel then.

Thankfully this has been resolved. According to the terms:

34.2 If you are a Charity or a Micro-Enterprise, you may terminate these terms at any time by providing us with one month’s notice, such notice to be provided using the chat function on the Revolut Dashboard.

It’s slightly disappointing that it wasn’t pointed out to me by the customer service but it’s at least possible for Micro-Enterprises.

I might have gotten carried away here. I agree… I was just super disappointed that it was impossible to terminate the contract under some terms (like you can do with the premium subscription for a fee.)

What do they mean by ‘Micro-Enterprise’? One person company (jednoosobowa działalność)?

I am just about to sign up for a business account and have not yet pressed the button when I realise that all I need a freelancer account … I have chosen Revolut vs Fire and N26 - but I am a micro business - ie a LTD company for liability and insurance- but just a one man consultant.

can I down grade my application to a freelancer during the on boarding ?
What are the main differences between freelancer and business account ? I am not sure that have the right pricing system at £300 a year for a Neo bank and servicing a micro business.
I would be be happy with £12 / month for some sort of service - otherwise I might as well set a euro account up with Natwest … or Fire