Stuck waiting for assistance


I asked by chat to increase my yearly top up limit. The operator told me that I was being transfered to a separate department which would have helped me. This was the 7th of May 2018. Currently nobody is answering and the chat session is open so I can’t even talk with another operator for assistance. I tried to type “Live Agent”, but nothing happened. Help? Answer? Why is yearly top up limit even a thing? I moved to Switzerland from UK, I use my Revolut a lot, why is there this kind of limitations? I don’t get it


I am experiencing the identical problem… sent all my docs off 5 days ago and still no response from anyone!


I had the same issue and @AndreasK kindly helped me, by expediting my query to the appropriate team, whilst ensuring that I can still use Chat in the meantime.

Follow these steps:

  • End the chat by typing ‘Resolved’ - this will end the chat session and allow you to seek another Live Agent. Note: this will also cancel your query, whilst is in the queue to that team.
  • Very kindly ask @AndreasK or another :r: representative on here, to help you, like the did me!

Good luck


Hi all!

Your cases have been escalated & an agent will contact you shortly via in-app chat.


Andreas K.


Sorry for the delay thanking you @AndreasK for your help on this thread, but… thank you :blush:

I’ve PM’d you separately, to discuss my case