Stuck in verifying documents and help unresponsive



I’ve got the problem with top up limit reached and documents are stuck in Reviewing state for 10+ days . There’s no response from online chat as well.



Did you actually make it past the chatbot?


The chatbot is not responding. I cannot reach anyone in the chat.


Can you post a screenshot of your conversation?


Same here. I sent the docs, all was ok, a now for 16 days I am stuck in nowhere with messeage special team is dealing with my case expect 96 hours for response.
96 hours vs 16 days :slight_smile:


Here is a screenshot.


Maybe try “resolved” and then “live agent” again. If that still does not work try to get hold of them on Twitter or write to @AndreasK … Revolut’s support is currently a bit … well, lets say lagging behind :slight_smile:


Hi there. Your chats have been escalated to the relevant team. Our support team is not longer able to see any further message as your chats are now pending in a different queue.

We’re receiving a high volume of requests which is causing delay in getting back to you. Massive apologies!


Thank you for the advices and help. I got contacted by the support team.

BTW, “resolved” and “live agent” also unblocked the unresponsive chat.

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