Stuck in UK with app, payment and withdrawals not working.

My daughter has a Revolut card in England and she needs to make a payment and she needs to withdraw cash from an ATM but her card is not working anywhere.

In addition, she tried to use the support inside your Revolut app but since it was not working, she disconnected herself from the app and she tried to reconnect herself to it with her Revolut account but it’s not working. It even shows a message in the app that there was an error and that she has to try again later but she tried many times and it’s still not working.

Can you help her because it is very urgent : she needs money right now. Isn’t there a telephone number where she could reach you?

Hey there @jejepv :slight_smile:

There are some major technical problems right now that are making cards and app not work like they should, but you will get all the incorrect transactions back when the problem is solved (normally, automatically).

If she can use a backup card, tell her to keep the receipts to get the FX costs hopefully refunded :frowning:

The support team is currently extremely busy… :frowning:

You can get live info through Twitter: