Stuck in "Select a delivery method"

Been trying to order a physical card. Transferred the necessary currency, followed the menus on the app until the “Select a deliver method” window. I chose the Global Express Delivery (Free) then pressed Order card for free. Getting a pop-up with View Upgrade Options and Cancel but no way to advance forward. How do you finalize this? Tried pressing everything. Where did you guys hide this continue button.

as far as I remember in the bottom should something like ‘continue without premium’

I can see that you’ve ordered a card. However, you still need to verify your account.

Hello guys, I have the same problem over here, without any option to advance when selecting Global Express Delivery (Free) and pressing Order card for free.

Your help is much appreciated!

The app is about as intuitive as a brick. What that screen is saying is that if you want the card free you have to go to premium choose £10For the delivery and it all works fine

Hi @lexxaz. As a standard user you will have to choose the paid delivery option.

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Hi there, same problem here.
As a standard user, I chose the paid standard delivery option. When I tap “Order card for 5 pounds”, the “view upgrade options” pops up and there is no buttons to continue.

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I am having exactly the same issue as sleung496. No way to move forward when tapping “Order card for £5”. It’s a shame I need to consult a community forum just to setup my account and order a credit card :frowning:

Could you please contact our in-app support team. I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon.