Stuck in registering


I can’t finish the registration.
I follow the 3 screen registration, personal, address and email and after type my email and press “hecho”, nothing happens at all.


Might be stuck at the moment due to many applications coming through. I would try a bit later on again


Did you get the sms code?


I have the same problem, when I registered, after i input the code, I write my address and then the email, and it gets stuck on the email page…


Please AndreasK help me, i have my account blocked because i cant scan my prepaid card that i used to top up my account.
I’m not receiving help, i already tried Twitter, Facebook and the app.

Please help me :frowning:


Yes. I got the SMS code.


I’ve replied to your DM.


Are you using an EEA phone number?


Hi AndreasK

Thanks for your answer.
Actually I’m using a number in another country, Costa Rica. My phone number is from Spain.
I can ask to use the number of someone in my family there. Do you like to?

Thank you very much,


You will need to sign up with an EEA phone number and address.


Hi Andreas,

Actually, I’m using my home address, the one which is printed in my Spanish ID.
So, I will ask someone in my house to turn on my my phone and send me the SMS.
Indeed, I’m able to receive the SMS from Revolut…