Stuck in queue for 3weeks


I’ve been stuck in the queue for the past 3 weeks, when friends of mine have got their card without even entering a queue after me.

Can someone please help?


Hey @tiropolia :slight_smile:

Which country are you signing up from?



I am in Ireland.

Been in the queue for 3 weeks and stuck on 45 :frowning:


A queue for what?

For an account? You did indicate Ireland as home address when you signed up, right?


Yes yes. Ireland was indicated as a home address.

The queue i am on is for getting an account and card.


Account and card are two separate things. Is it for the account or for a card?


In queue for a card.


So you do have an account?

Alright, could you explain what exactly you mean by queue? Have you ordered it already and it has not arrived yet or did the application tell you you cant order it at the moment? Could you maybe post a screenshot of what you are talking about?


Hi Aleesandro,

I got the app a few weeks ago and applied to go a card delivered. Then i was told that i am entering a queue as there are many requests for cards. This is what i see when i open the app:


Alright, I understand. Has the position 45 moved in the past three weeks or have you always been on 45? If you are truly stuck (and not just moving very slowly) I’d contact support. Just make sure you skip the chatbot by typing “live agent” and dont be surprised if they dont get back to you straight away. Revolut’s support is not the fastest :wink:


Hi Alelssandro

Thanks for the help.

Being stuck in the queue doesnt allow me to see anything but that screenshot i send you, so cant contact support through the app. I will try using facebook.

Wish me luck.

Thanks again.


Hmm, alright, I am afraid I am out of options either then :smiley:

Maybe the usual desperate :wink: cry for @AndreasK can help … you can also try to send him a private message here.


Hi @AndreasK could by any chance help?


Are you able to send me a direct message?

My position in the queue hasn't moved from the beginning


my support also doesnt answer for 2 weeks now. even rita is not working.
i need help regarding several issues


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.