stuck in a loop unable to log in

Update one week later.

Still no response from Revolut. My luck is that my wife and I co-shared the same account and she managed to log in on her new phone. We have now withdrawn all available funds from our account.

It is all too easy to lose access to your account (SW bug in my case?), and it is extremely difficult to receive support and regain access if the app is not working. And if you lose or damage your phone, what then? Tough luck! What a horrible experience.

For these reasons I do not recommend anyone to open an account until there is at least a phone support number and a web interface available.

Needless to say, I will not even bother to try and get in contact to close my account. I will happily just move on and forget this little bank experiment ever existed.

Sincere wishes and good luck to the rest of you in this thread.

I confirm.

Absolutely no response.

It is really easy to lose the way of log in.

And horribly difficult to have any support.

I recommended Revolut to friends …

Not any more !

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Hi I have same issue. I have been trying to go into my account but no luck. I have been given many 6 digit number but once I put them it will ask me to put number again. I tried to link the card with a new one but no luck.
Please please help.

Hi there,

I’m having a similar problem logging in. I haven’t used my Revolut account for a while, but now that I do need it, I’m unable to verify my identity.

First of all, I tried logging in using the app, and my fingerprint login; it wouldn’t open. I tried what I thought might be my passcode (it’s been a while, and I can’t exactly remember it, unfortunately). When I tried clicking ‘Forgot your passcode?’, it took me to a blank screem.

So I tried logging in on the website via web browser on my laptop, and using my phone number; the website told me to enter the 6-digit passcode that it had sent by SMS, but I didn’t receive this; I only received a message saying that there’d been a suspicious login attempt detected from a new device (it’s the same laptop I had to create my account in the first place). I got an email (it’s now multiple emails!) asking me to input a six-digit code to confirm my login, but when I tried that, it said that I was trying to login into the wrong device.

I somehow managed to get an email asking me to authenticate my phone number, and it asked me to take a selfie with my passport; I tried this, but it didn’t seem to register it correctly.

As far as I know, I’m using the most up-to-date version of the app. Can someone please help with this?

Thank you, Malcolm

When trying to log in on the web:

  • enter phone no
  • ignore text
  • wait for mail
  • open the mail on the laptop, not the phone, klick on the 6 digits code or enter it manually
  • enter the app PIN

When you‘re not remembering the correct app PIN, you’re still locked out. But if it works, it’s a confirmation that the PIN was correct. If that’s the case, I would delete the app, restart the device (!), install the app again and retry logging in.

I am currently not able to log in my account. Suddenly I have to put my phone number and after I do so it asks for a pin and a picture with my ID. After I take it, nothing happens.
Could you help urgently please? Thanks.

have you solved it? i have exact same problem… good luck.

I’m having the same problem, I need to access my account! This is crazy, when they will reply us?

Here? Probably never! Use twitter or facebook: revolutapp.


I have similar problem with my app. In my case it freezes after putting 4 number code (circle appears and app stays this way), so I’m not able to contact support chat directly :frowning:



I have the same problem. I can’t even connect to the computer. The password does not come.

Same problem, I am unable to log in.
I changed the mobile because the old one doesn’t work anymore. Never imagined it would be just impossible to log in on the new device!

Using the option connect to existing account i get the code which seems to be automatically seen so without typing it i come back to the main screen with the option to log in to existing account!

i can repeat, repeat, repeat the procedure till it seems to hit a limit and give a message like: error in the number or code…

After 24h of waiting i can again get the login option but it will not work, same loop…
I uninstalled the app, reinstalled, cleaned the cash… nothing helps

And the worse of all!! no support !!! How can Revolut be so poor in customer service! It’s just incredible! :frowning_face:

I got a new phone and installed revolut. Logged out of revolut on my old phone.
On my new phone I get an OTP which I enter and I am then asked whether I want to Sign Up or Log In to Existing Account. I choose to login to existing account, as I am already a Revolut customer.
I then enter my mobile number again and then I get an OTP once again.
I am once again asked to choose whether I want to Sign Up or Log In to Existing Account. I choose to login to existing account, as I am already a Revolut customer.
I then enter my mobile number again and then I get an OTP once again.
This loop continues.

I’m also in the same situation. I cannot log in at all in the app due to this loop, and if I try to log in on the website I never receive a OTP.

I cannot update my ID documentation for the EU banking change due to not being able to log in.

Same situation. Not able to log in. Loop on whatever iOS I try to reach my account from. Still have my same phone number.

No way to contact Revolut.

Just terrible…


I’ve got a similar problem, I have installed revolut a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t fulfilled my needs. Now I want to give it a try again, but I forgot what I did with my old account, did I delete it or did I do nothing with it, I don’t know. When I install the app on my iPhone I can fill in my email address but after that I got an error message. When I want to login online via safari I have to fill in an pincode, but I can’t remember my pincode. Could somebody please help me with restoring my account?

Sure, scroll up this page. The posting above yours explains what to do.