"Stripe" (to provide invoicing and payment processing)

Can anyone tell me how it is possible that
a company can take away money from my Revolut acdcount ?

“Stripe” (to provide invoicing and payment processing)
took away more than 100 USD from my account.

My card: (VISA Revolut)

  • not allow internet transaction
  • not allow ATM cash
  • not allow contactless payment

my card only allow card and pin

So again, how can Stripe get my money without my PIN ???

Does Revolut and Stripe have any agreement ??


Direct Debit?

The question should not be if you allowed the bank (Revolut), the question should be if you allowed (Stripe) to take the funds by Direct Debit. With a Direct Debit you don’t give permission to your bank, you give permission to the payee.

If the check done by the payee (Stripe) and ‘bank’ (Revolut) is not good enough I would be perfectly able to take a subscription on my own name and allow to take the money by Direct Debit from a bank account that is not in my name.

I don’t know about Revolut, but my local bank allows me to reverse an (incorrect/unallowed) Direct Debit by the click of a button.

By the way, by clicking on the transaction in the Revolut app you should be able to see if the funds were directly taken from your Revolut account (Direct Debit) or from your Revolut card.

Also check the FAQs about Direct Debit. I am assuming you’re a US customer? You can change the region to get region specific informations about Revolut features if my assumption is wrong. If you’re still puzzled by the nature of the transaction, I think it would be best to contact support.

If the card number is involved, it’s not direct debit, it’s a card transaction. Two different things.

If any merchant charges your card without your authorisation, it’s card fraud and you can initiate a chargeback.

I think you really should contact support to help you figure out what actually happened.

(Stripe is a payment processor that processes card payments. Blocking Stripe would mean you’re blocking millions of merchants, from small independent brick and mortar shops to large web stores.)

Very easy, since a Direct Debit does not involve the usage of your card details.

As @Frank just said. If your card details are used it’s not a Direct Debit.

As I said, by clicking on the transaction in your Revolut app it should be very easy for you to check if your card was charged or if it was a Direct Debit.


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ok, my friends, thanks a lot first.

Second, I Emailed to the company they tried to sell me something I dont like.
The company answered me immediately and promised they will send back the money.

The company told me that it was my fault, because I agreed somewhere
in the “fine print in contracts (GTC)” that they can resell/renew automaticly.

So next time when I am internet shopping I must read all this stuff witch I agree
just by tick the field to agree the GTC… (do you always read that stuff???)

Again thanks a lot and I close now that topic