Streamline cross currency transactions


One issue I have faced is when I need to transfer EUR to a colleague when I only have GBP is that I need to use the calculator to figure out how much I need to exchange from my GBP funds to top up my EUR funds before I can transfer, more often than not I am left with an odd small amount of EUR. Yes, I can simply transfer it back to GBP but I would like this process streamlined.

If I have nothing in my EUR account and I need to transfer…could you tweak the app so it automatically draws from my GBP account telling me in a pop up what the exchange rate is and how much it will take from my GBP account? If you have funds in different currencies then maybe it can give you the option which one to use to make up the missing funds in the currency you are trying to transfer.

Then all i would need to do is send then click yes/no instead of having to calculate (possibly have an odd small amount left in my EUR account), exchange, then send.

Obviously this can work any way around for the current and future currencies.



Hi @Parvesh

Do you mind uploading a screenshot?

Because when I transfer EURs to a friend when all I have in my account is GBP. Revolut grabs the money from my GBP account and tells me how many EURs I will be sending (which i inputted myself), how much GBP it will cost me and the rate.


Here you can see I am trying to send EUR with nothing in my EUR balance but the ‘send’ button is greyed out so I can’t press it.


@neil anything further on this?


@revolut still waiting for some feedback on this


@AndreasK any idea why I still haven’t had a reply?


Hi @Parvesh,

Let me investigate this for you. I’ll let you know.


@AndreasK …still waiting…If I don’t have EUR in my revolut account but want to pay someone in EUR, I have to first exchange from GBP in to EUR and then send it. Can a more streamlined process be put in where it converts at the time of sending? That way it cuts out the process of me having to convert if I don’t have that specific currency. Thanks