Strange/fraud auto-topup transaction?

I’m talking to 2 agents now but they can’t solve my concerns.
Some days before, I had paid in a pharmacy a bill, later in my house, I have noticed that on the same minute of this purchase I have failed auto-top-up transaction?! I have never tried to topup or make auto-top-up myself…also checked there is no auto-top-up stopped. So I think this may be a fraudulent event, but the agents did not give me any info or help on why or how this transaction happen? (even how was processed to go without CCV confirmation? good that I have frozen my topup card so it was failed)

Any experience with a similar event anyone?

If this was fraud, a third party gained access to your account. I am not saying this was fraud, I have no clue whatsoever. But better safe than sorry, so I would change my Revolut App PIN.

Auto top ups can only be initiated from within the app.


@Frank where do we find the possibility for auto-top-ups? Never found this inside the App :slight_smile: .

It becomes available for linked cards after you’ve used them successfully to top up various times.

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