Strange email in the colors of Revolut


I received an email in the colours of Revolut inviting me to ask for a new card on the pretext that the one I have may be a problem in the London Underground.

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I believe the mail is legit. There is a known issue with some Revolut cards and TFL. Also, Revolut used Typeform before to collect customer feedback / input.

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Thank you
If you’re right then it’s really amateurism on the part of REVOLUT.
Using a third party platform to retrieve customer information is the beginning of BIG problems:

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Hi! Same email, same doubts. Is it original or fake (maybe “phishing”)?

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Hi @ArchangeDavid,

I have just received an in-app confirmation from support that it is a legitimate email.
All good :slight_smile:

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Shame to go through a third party site to retrieve customer information.

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First the link (unsecured!! no https) is pointing to:

http://go dot sparkpostmail dot com

then redirecting to:

https://revolut dot typeform dot com

This seems really strange. How do we know that it is a trustworthy message originated from revolut?


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Hey @czcbe :slight_smile:

Even if that’s not extremely professional (ahem, @AndreasK, @JessicaZ, @Oleksii, @viguerapablo)

is the domain that hosts other forms from :r:, including the complaints form :frowning:

Typeform does not allow custom domains, that’s true, but they could use some kind of SECURE feature (not that hard) that would make

show a full window frame of

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I received the same email. Reading this topic I assume this is legit Revolut email.

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Since Andreas from Revolut liked my post about assuming it is legit, I double assume :wink:

Our personal data processed by a third party website over which REVOLU has no control!


I would prefer not assuming something or thinking it could be legit, rather be SURE of senders identity if possible. There are certainly implementations ( I assume :slight_smile: for this as Juliopp suggested


REOVOLUT can send me what he wants, out of the question of filling forms elsewhere than at REVOLUT!

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I received an email from revolute about needing to update my details as in send them a new piece of id in the form of an updated passport or ID card.
Is this a phishing email?
Best regards

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I have trust issues with them, they’ve been very unreliable in all of my dealings.

I received it too, I have tried to find information on the app, to see if they ask me for it too on it, but nothing… I still not sure about this email :confused: