Stranded abroad by Revolut, no help from support! Awful company!


I am appalled by what an awful company Revolut is. No responsibility and no help from them when their card totally failed me abroad.

The very first time I used the card I got some cash but then the machine ate the card.

What an awful, awful company. They’ve stranded me abroad and want me to pay and wait for a failure with their card. It’s true the bank is behaving criminally by not returning the card and perhaps Revolut cannot force them to return it but ATM machines do not eat the card for no reason.

Revolut is NOT safe and NOT secure and they will not help you when their shoddy system fails you, in fact they will try to make you pay money to fix the problems caused by them.

This should be against the law!

Revolut’s ridiculous and worthless support response: “We are not having control over the banks policy for swallowed cards. Go to “My Card” and order a replacement. A replacement card will cost you 6GBP/7EUR/$10"”

In other words, we failed you, we screwed you over, now pay us!

(Nice exchange rates there, I guess they like ripping off USD users even worse than everybody else).


I think you’re being a bit harsh.

Revolut is a pre-paid card and I doubt any other pre-paid card on the market could do more than Revolut have.

Revolut is not a bank credit card or Amex who could probably help you out in times of need.

I’ve been a Revolut user since the beginning and I haven’t really had any major issues.

I travel for a job and whenever I go out I always take 2 cards out with me just in case. That said, Revolut has never let me down to date.

Sorry your story is not the same.


The least they could do is replace the card. ATM’s don’t just randomly eat the card, especially after they gave you cash. I didn’t enter the PIN wrong 50 times or anything like that. It wasn’t reported stolen. There was no reason for this top happen other than a problem with the card.


From time to time ATM’s do eat a card for no apparent reason, it has happend to me. That is why I also carry another card from a rival company. Just checked their website and the cost to send a me replacement would be 35 GBP and the wait would be 3 to 5 days. Against this :r: seems good value.


This reminds me customers blaming airlines for the lost luggage where the former have nothing to do with handling the luggage whatsoever. Your card can be swallowed by a bank due to the ATM system failure or an outage - this happened to my Barclays card in Thailand a few years back. You need to talk to the bank not Revolut (and based on my experience, it is highly unlikely you will receive your card back). The only thing Revolut can do is send you a replacement card. This is a prepaid debit service at the moment so no emergency cash I’m afraid.

Obviously, traveling with no backup card is asking for trouble and that’s what happened here. Get yourself Halifax Clarity or any similar credit card with no/low foreign transaction fees the next time round and you will not end up high and dry in the middle of nowhere.


Hello @hkl3948,

Really sorry to hear that. Just to clarify that there aren’t any particular reasons why an ATM could eat a card. However I have seen case where the person has failed to type the card PIN correctly so the ATM ate the card.

Unfortunately we cannot offer a replacement card for free, however we can contact the ATM provider via email to claim your card back.


Andreas K.


Or you yourself can ask that Bank to return your Card with proper Identification!

About emergency money: Why not if 1000 are on the Card PREPAID and REVOLUT sees the card is inside an ATM and nor returning?


Or you think the ATM ate the card but it is phissing, very populair at this moment. That joke cost my 1000 euro in Argentina, many years ago, maestro gold card.
Be wary!


Always frustrating when that happens. I had it happen on Thailand when thete was sudden glitch. In network.
A couple of tips from a seasoned traveller.

  1. always take at least 2 payment methods. I.e 2 cards.
  2. keep some emegency cash hidden safely away to tide you over if there os a hiccup with atms or banks. Sometimes situations arise making it difficult to get cash from banks (like in India right now)
  3. when using an ATM overseas, when possible use one near to a branch of the bank. Make a note of bank phone numbers on the ATM. Or look them up ahead of time.
  4. Remember that Revolut offer a spare card for £6 which can be activated on line if the origional one is lost. Order one before leaving. At time of writing they jave a bit of a backlog but hopefully will be sorted soon. I dont know of any other debit card company that gives the option of issuing a spare card
    Main thing is to be prepared for problems. Somestimes some good old fashioned travellers cheques can be a good backup.
    Dont rely on nust one card or payment method.


Sorry for typos…hope it makes sense and helps


Besides working hard to screw the customers I guess Revolut’s staff cannot read English fluently either… either that, or more alarming, their cards give cash when you enter the PIN wrong.

Awful company.

Also from the company that supposedly gives mid market rates… replacement cards


Actual rates:

6 GBP = 6.96 EUR = 7.56 USD
7 EUR = 6.03 GBP = 7.60 USD
10 USD = 7.94 GBP = 9.21 EUR



How do you order a spare emergency card? Can’t find the function in the app… thanks!


Yes you are right, you can order a spare card when you first sign up but as you say nothing in the app. I asked them about this and they said to send a message to the support team to order one. Hopefully they will actually put this in the app some time soon but for now that seems to be the only way to do it. Last week (7-11 Nov) apparently due to a huge demand for new cards they were not able to process requests but were hopeful that this week they would be able to, so give it a try via the messaging to support. Please post how you get on.
Hope my previous comments helped.


Good, thanks! I’ll try.


Hi @caprotti, you can order a replacement/spare card card, if you block your existing card from the card section on the app.


Andreas K.


This is the procedure. I just started it.


Yes that is correct. I got on to support and they helpfully explained this - just as you mentioned.

Block existing card
Apply for new card.
The ‘virtual’ card number then displays in the app and this can be used for on line payments etc.

Once physical card arrives you have option to block this new one and keep it as spare and unblock the old card , or now use the new one and keep the old one as spare and unblock that one if the other card gets lost, stolen or swallowed by ATM.


What an incredibly scummy company. They are screwing a friend of mine even worse! She never received her card at all, they never delivered it and now they want to charge for a replacement. What a despicable company!


I can’t agree with anything you’ve said except for the charge for a replacement card. Clearly there shouldn’t be charge to replace a card that was withheld by Revolut’s agent. The operator of the cash machine is Revolut’s agent, given that Revolut pays a fee to it for the service. This is in contrast to a merchant, which pays a fee to Revolut.


@hkl3948 I think you have just been very unlucky. I travel to several countries every month (I am a pilot) and the ONLY issue I have had is in China where mastercard isn’t as widely accepted.

I have withdrawn cash from plenty of different ATMs around the world using my Revolut card, the only time it hasn’t worked was in China and it did return my card.

So based on my experience, I would say you are attacking the wrong company. @RobinG had some good tips and combined with what @badskittler said about the rival company replacement card cost, Revolut is still a winner. In terms of no help from support, if they make an exception for you, would they not need to make an exception to other people then pass those costs on to the other users who don’t get free replacement cards? I can completely understand that it is frustrating not being able to access your funds but as Revolut is still a pretty new company, I think they have done well to iron out most of the creases. I can’t imagine it is easy essentially being an international bank…HSBC has only just figured it out and they were founded in 1865!

I can understand why Revolut is charging for a second card, they cost money! However, I think replacement for lost/stolen cards should be free.

The way to differentiate is that when the first card is blocked and a replacement is sent free of charge, if the first card is activated again the fee will be deducted from the users account. Maybe inform the user of this procedure when ordering/delivering the second card and then again a pop up notification if they try to activate the first card again via the app?

Yes, that means the people who actually lose their card will get a free replacement compared to the people who get a second as a spare…but as a user, if you think of the cost of production, the cost of postage, the bit of man power that may go with it and the biggest saving of all, great exchange rates…£6 doesn’t seem so steep to have a second card when you are stuck somewhere like Cambodia because you used a dodgy ATM.

I think that would be a fair way to charge for a spare card and offer a free replacement card for people who actually need it.