Stores and Groceries instead of ATMs (like cash26)

I would like to see a similar service from revolut like CASH26 from N26, where you can go to a supported store and Withdraw or Deposit money right away.
Is it possible to happen at least in eurozone?


There is something similar available at least in Switzerland:
It can be used with a bank account (if supported by the bank) or card

Cash is on its way out and becoming decreasingly fashionable. Although consumers in some countries like German and Switzerland are still attached to this archaic means of payment (in the same way that consumers in the US and a lesser extent in the UK are still attached to archaic cheques), there is little demand for cash services in many European countries.

Although N26, being based in Germany, might feel the need to offer cash-based services to its customers, Revolut being based in the UK means that the need for cash is something that Revolut aims to eliminate. A substitute for cash is payments between Revolut customers, which is totally free of charge for payer and payee. If the payee wants to receive a cash-like payment and doesn’t have Revolut, it creates an incentive for them to get Revolut. Therefore I can’t see Revolut introducing this.

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Αs long as there are ATMs, there will be cash all over the world.

Also, in that way revolut will become more popular to businesses and local stores and therefore, businesses more popular to revolut costumers.
Maintaining an ATM it is expensive to banks, everyone knows that. But having the same ‘‘ATM’’ ability without the machine through stores it’s even more affordable to banks.

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