Storage of CVV by app


I have just added 2 new debit cards for topping up. For one, Smile, the app stores the CVV and I do not need to re-enter it for topping up. For the other, Nationwide, the CVV is not stored and I am prompted to enter it for topping up. I guess one of them is a bug but which one?


Hi @badskittler,

This actually is not a bug. For a certain period of time, for security reasons, the app requires CVV and 3ds.


Hi @AndreasK,
I also have this problem that I always have to enter CVV and login to bank each time I top up.
how long is this “certain period of time” when I will have to do this each time?


How long do you have the card stored already ?

If you’re topping up a lot, you might know the CVV by heart already :wink:

But seriously, it took about a month with mine.



@C0ldwater, remembering CVV is not a problem, but I also have to login to bank and confirm transfer. So I need to find my code generator each time. not convenient… :frowning:

I have removed and readded the card for some times now, because I wrote to support and they said to do that.

Hope it will stop asking me this stuff some day…


Hi @KarolisC,

I see your point, but even if the CVV is stored you would need to login to confirm the payment wouldn’t you ?

Maybe because you have to confirm the payment every time, there is a new token issued from the bank for the card, which expires and therefore you are forced to do that every time.

But I am not really sure if that might be a reason.


few of my friends uses same bank as I do, and they don’t have to enter CVV or confirm the payments :slight_smile:


Okay that is interesting.

Well then I am out of ideas for the moment haha :smile:


Like the daily limit for card top-ups, this might change over time.


Have you tried to confirm the card in the app?


@AndreasK Larger than a small number of cards in an application can not be verified because the Revolut OCR recognizes only embossed cards when scanning. For one of my cards that has been verified manually, CVV is required whenever I top up.


Interesting. Till now I always had to enter the CVV code to top up, but as of yesterday this is no longer needed for the same card.


How to confirm the card in the app?


To verify your top up card, just check your online banking and find a top up to Revolut which looks like Revolut1234. Next, go to the ‘Top up’ section on the app, tap the ‘info’ button beneath the photo of your debit card and enter the code here. That’s it!


@AndreasK, I don’t see the info button there. I just see “Card details are saved securely” text


I’ve double check this for you and as I can your card has been confirmed.


And still I have to enter cvv and login to bank…

What does determine if all data of card is saved or not? bank or revolut?


Are you referring to CVV or 3d secure? Two different securities.


I had that issue before… I was using my debid card to top up, the support told me that I just needed a few topups so the app stop asking for the CVV & 3D Secure (so I can use auto topup) but, after 6 months and more than 5,000€ in topup’s, it still asked for both CVV & 3Ds…

In the meantime, I’ve moved to another bank and, using the new debit card, after only a few small topup’s, and within a month, the app now doesn’t ask for CVV nor 3D secure. Auto-Topup’s works now.

I guess this depends from the bank you are using.


I’m getting both, CVV and 3d secure :frowning: