Stop updating UI with a terrible UX changes

The only thing they should add, would be the converted main currency for each currency in the drop down menu so you won’t need to switch trough every currency to see the converted value.


If you have more than a handful accounts, swiping is definitely a cumbersome way to navigate. If I had to pick one, the menu would be my way to go.

However, these patterns need not to be exclusive. One way to keep them both would be to introduce favorites, where users would be able to select the most frequently used accounts, and be able to swipe for quick access, while clicking on the balance would still reveal the menu with the full list.

I’m not sure about the opportunity of overloading, and I’d probably try to rework the whole top section of the accounts view, but I think it would be an interesting path to investigate and reconcile all use cases.


Aaand they added the converted value to the list :smiley:! Example

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Android 6.23 beta - it’s getting better for sure now.
This discussion shows how difficult UI/UX is for Revolut, they have to try to satisfy all of their user base, which is far less homogeneous than I would have thought.
I usually only actively use two or three currencies, so for me it’s obviously faster and easier to just swipe, but then there are people with a lot of currencies and then it gets a bit complicated, so the tapping option is easier.

I still hope we get both, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work - swiping left or right in the top section where the balance is stated now. Only potential issue I see are the Android gestures, especially the back gesture which could interfere with this.
But then, even buttons would work for me as an alternative (left and right of the balance).

That was the least they could to with all the unused free space.
It could also be added to the “accounts” section in the dashboard where they already list the converted total of all currency accounts.

Unfortunately not on Android yet (6.22.1).
On main board yes, it appears under the amount, but not on the list (hopefully soon).

Yeah it’s actually in the beta version

Please Listen to us users! We want the old swiping of accounts BACK as the user “gwidaz” describes it​:warning::radioactive: The new version is NOT USER FRIENDLY AT ALL!


They always ask “tell us what you think” but nobody really cares as users will get use to their shitty changes like they just did the change to their logo. I mean they had a very nice, outstanding logo, yet, they thought changing to the one which was created with Microsoft office font effects is much better.


My app has just updated to Beta version 7.0-beta-282 and it has to be the most awful unfriendly UI yet, i have wirex, Revolut and my bank and Revolut was by far my favorite but the navigation around the new version is appalling so much so that if it stays like that i will look into using either my wirex or another similar service and ditching this one. Since when has adding more steps into processes ever been a good thing!

Can i rollback?


I agree. Please roll it back. Only thing I like more is the trading being in the nav bar directly. All the rest is worse

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It reminds me of wordart effects!

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Before I could upload receipts but in the latest ios version that function is gone. And what happen to all old receipts that we uploaded?

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Receipts were only ever saved locally in the app, so it was a pretty useless feature anyways. Hoping Revolut will reintroduce the feature with bill parsing so they can tell you what items you had and what price they were + actually saving the receipt to Revolut servers

Your uploaded receipts will be in your camera roll only, unfortunately.

This latest UI change for Android is horrible, please roll back, can’t hide payments, analytics everything now hidden behind pointless menus where it only took one click/swipe to access. The previous UI wasn’t perfect but is far superior to what we have now and is honestly making me consider changing to another online bank.

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these are coming back

it only takes one tap on the little bar graph in the top right to get to analytics now?

Can anyone tell me how to get the “rates list” back?

I used to have a list of several currencies with rates at a glance against GBP. If the US dollar looked cheaper than usual then I might exchange some GBP. Same for EUR.

Now this has disappeared and if I want to see the price of a currency I have to start an exchange transaction, once for each currency.

Have they removed this feature or have I just failed to find its new location in the app.

Profile page —> Widgets

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Where is Favorite Stocks gone?

top right on wealth section, the little star :slight_smile:

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