Stop updating UI with a terrible UX changes

I eventually like better the way to scroll down than to swipe (which was not that smooth and practical to be honest). But for me they should reduce the space between the currencies to have more to see at once.
For those (1p. for now…) who are not interested by seeing the balance in main currency, just ignore it if they bring it back, it’s definitely really practical to have a quick look at it for many of us. I like to know how much represent this or this amount of currency. Not for some Kebab or some shopping (eventhough when I see for exemple a 150czk Kebab on holiday, my head convert it automatically to my main currency so…), but more to know how much the amount I hold represents before going to some other countries and make some change if needed. It’s quick, easy to see, automatic. No need to use the converter. Same if you hold cryptos…

Thx :r:


Seems like the balance in main currency is back. Have it on my Android 6.22 (beta) version when switching between accounts


Almost, on mine it briefly displays and then is overwritten by current name, flag, and currency abbreviation.

Neither of which interest me. I just want account balances and a quick check of recent transactions. A total of all balances in my base currency would be useful. Anything else is just fluff.


I don’t understand how better defining things would derail from the subject matter, rather the opposite.

UX design is not science indeed, but it does apply behavioral science and mostly qualitative research methods, which is a scientific method of observation to gather non-numerical data. That’s how you have the whole branch of social sciences. On the other end, not all that counts can be counted. So, for example engineering, which is all about numbers and determinism, is not a science but the application of scientific principles. It does predate many branches of science, but it’s not science. In conclusion, UX design is not guesswork at all. It does apply both qualitative research (for relevance) and quantitative research (for accuracy).

It’s not a matter of preference, but convenience, and I don’t understand based on what a menu with a list would be easier to understand than swiping. Users who move back and forth from a handful of accounts will clearly find swiping pretty convenient. However, heavy users with lots of accounts will struggle with this pattern, as swiping will soon become annoying. So it’s a matter of deciding which user you want to benefit the most: casual users or heavy users. Tapping on a list, targeting your currency and then tapping it again may not be as smooth as swiping left or right. However, that’s not such a big deal. On the other side, it will be a great improvement for those people who buy/sell/use multiple currencies.

I do agree on the waste of screen real estate and I believe they are going to put a lot more love to the design, as some pretty evident improvements are quite obvious. Again, from the perspective of heavy users it make sense to have shortcuts right on the main screen for the most important info: like accounts IBAN numbers for example, to move or receive funds to and from non Revolut users, etc. However, for kids who use Revolut mainly to purchase lollipops that might seem like too hard to understand.

My comment was about “personas”, which is guesswork. Engineering is indeed the application of scientific principles, but UX in nearly all cases does not correctly apply such principles. For example, user testing is usually a complete farce (see e.g. the 5 user rule which is based on wrong math and invalid reasoning). In practice, UX design has very little to do with science, unlike engineering. It should also come as no surprise given the background of the people working in the respective field.

Based on the UI element being around for decades and the arrow clearly indicating a possible interaction.

If it is too hard to understand it is completely Revolut’s fault. They made an initial release without adding one of the most important features, showing the accounts’ worth in the user’s main currency. A clever vertical list easily trumps a horizontal scroller’s usefulness, but it is completely understandable that people hate it if their first iteration lacks even the most basic thing.

This statement, like most preceding ones, is guesswork, not personas. That’s a tool, developed actually by a software developer, which is widely and successfully adopted in human to computer interaction, service design, ux and more. The fact that computer scientists adopt is so widely, to the point that rarely any commercial software build around agile, lean, scrum whatever methodology, is built without using it, denotes this statement has no grounding but one’s own beliefs. Additionally there are data-driven personas, if the method of reproducible research is an issue. Also, as I said, there’s a variety of other tools in use with formal mathematical expression, together with more qualitative tools. Finally, I’d love to see somebody have a speech at something like IxDA or UXCamp DC and say:

I used to work in that field.

So… considering before we had dots as affordance for the swipe action, we can “clearly”, maybe scientifically?!? conclude:

"downwards arrow" easier than "dots"

I’ll take note.

I couldn’t see any reference to the new way being “too hard” in this thread, some people just being pissed off because the new pattern is less convenient to them. Again, to some other people, represented by a different persona, that might not be the case.

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BTW, I’m actually pretty happy with the new pattern. I’m one of those who found swiping through lots of accounts very inefficient and kinda annoying. With the new design I rather enjoy having lot’s of functionality readily available in the main screen. Any account is two taps away, and I have all account info right there, without having to go to settings to find them.

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Computer scientists care about other things. But anyway, the fact that computer scientists have adopted eating and using the toilet so widely doesn’t mean such activities are science.

Nice. And if you had a scientific background, you would know how hard it is to do statistics right. In real-world applications, what designers do to “scientifically” validate their ideas is an insult to every actual scientist. It is a form of art, and it is of course based on more or less solid reasoning. UX testing even leads to improved designs, nobody denies that. But that doesn’t mean it is science or even based on scientific principles any more than any other application of science such as switching on the lights.

Then maybe take a look at your own comment, I only quoted you.

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Not only while switching, you can also tap on the “currency with the flag” and it shows the main currency if you’re in your US Account for example.

It’s not quiet perfect because it would be better also on the list, but it’s going :slight_smile:

6.22 is out now and swiping isn’t back, but you can see main currency values when you tap below the amounts

I requested them to bring back the swiping system from the beta feedback section


My guess is it makes it easier if you have lots of currencies that you don’t have to swipe through 10 of them

Totally a bad, bad decision removing the sliding accounts. And trying to “rationalize” this change by giving an incomplete example is truly awful.

They’ve also made it very easy to see you can tap to bring it down.

It’s easier to swipe than tap. You keep talking about UX as a science.

I think this thread speaks for itself and brought a lot of solutions to how to use the sliding currencies menu.


I live in Spain but work in Gibraltar therefore, I am constantly moving between pounds and euros. This UI change to tap and click is really annoying and means another click slowing down my journey.

Please change that back to cater for people like me.

Add me to that list
I like the change

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The new way still requires swiping just a different direction… Up and down :roll_eyes:

Hopefully the 6.22 release brings back the individual crypto value in your own currency. :+1:

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Can someone please explain why, in the new version of Revolut, I have to switch account via dropbox and not swip left / right??? Why, when something works on ONE move, does anyone change it on TWO clicks???


I look forward to 6.22 and 6.21 (only available today for me) still does not have crypto value option underneath. To be honest, it just needs to be anywhere on the app but it’s not. There is an overall account value but I/we need to see individual values.

Yes, this is just awful and makes holding other currencies in this app pointless. How on Earth can you find the base currency value? I’m certainly not getting it in the screen someone else posted above; I just get the amount of each currency. Even having chatted to the support team there still just doesn’t seem to be any way to get this information without trying to exchange your currency. It used to take a matter of seconds to check all my other currencies’ values in my base currency but now it seems to be actually impossible.

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Sorry, but the new design really sucks! Please revert or make both layouts available…

Stick with the drop down box, it’s much quicker and more precise than sliding through numerous accounts to try and find the one you want.

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