Stop updating UI with a terrible UX changes

Maybe. I have the UK version of Revolut.

I did that and I suggest to everyone who has iphone. My iphone has backups on the iCloud and I restored my phone before 20days. I cancelled every update from Revolut and I am a happy user that I can see all my transactions on the first screen without seeing this annoying widget “to invite my friends” plus I can see my spending on the currency that happened.

I will never update Revolut unless they fired the UI team they hired the last 1-2months… probably they are from N26 or Monzo.


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I’m also British. It must be A/B testing to see if customers like it or not, for the reference @ArsenG (since you’re part of the iOS team) the extra tab for Rewards does not sit well with me or anyone I’ve shown it to

It may be worth clarifying how Rewards will be paid on the page too, and specifying if “Revolut card” excludes Apple Pay or not; Uber rejected my claim due to this and then told me they couldn’t do anything despite me paying via Apple Pay (through my Revolut card)

I had to file a chargeback against them

I wouldn’t advice anyone not to update. If history is any indication, it’s very likely that not updating causes problems at some point that aren’t obvious right now. Like not being able to access support, problems with account verification, you name it.

So when not updating, keep in mind that any future problems that might occur might be caused by an incompatibility of V6 with backend systems.

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Unfortunately yes. It happened before (when I tried to keep version with that cool blue theme as long as possible. At some point issues arised).
Anyway, I will try to keep 6.39.1 as long as possible.
7.x is plain bad compared to 6.x

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Well I prefer to have some problems in the future rather to have the problems right now. No-one can explain me how can I justify my expenses to my company while I am Australia since the analytics are in the home base currency and my expenses report has to be in AUD.

The support suggested me to print the transactions and add together based on categories… whats the point of having Revolut then? I am watching the Apple event and I can see how hard these guys are working for their UI … unlike Revolut.

I really thought that Revolut was encouraging people to travel and use Revolut. Wasn’t the moto “you don’t have to open an bank account in another country … just use Revolut” turns out not any more… we become monzo… really sad :frowning: and not cool at all .

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My point was that recommending to others to keep an outdated version might not be the best advice in someone else’s interest. So I would give them the additional information that future problems might arise from the decision not to update.

“the UI team they hired the last 1-2months… probably they are from N26 or Monzo.”
I assume you have never used N26 - their UI is lightyears apart from current Revolut. Clean, simple, streamlined - but you gave me a good chuckle anyway.

Of course I cannot compare number 26 (really funny name) and monzo with Revolut. There are a little bit better than traditional banks but their behaviour is like a bank… neobank or what ever they are called themselves.

You will never seen different currencies on N26. Its just a local bank without branches kinda of First Direct. A friend of mine relocated to Germany and they asked him to close the British account… seriously…

Anyways I don’t care about n26 since I opened the account and I never used it … too little for me…

I am a believer that Revolut will revolutionise the banking system… and I don’t want to be disappointed and this kind of UI makes feel like this.

I don’t have to say something else… I hope someone is reading our messages here and understand me… I am an active user from Sep16 and my passion for Revolut is unlimited…


It works for me! It does what it says on the tin in my case and with relative ease, my principal activity being exchange £ to €. The other bits of the app have an interest only value to me presently.

They renamed themselves to N26 yers ago. Still funny. Just in case it helps in any way. :upside_down_face:

A feature I really like (not encountered before) is to press and hold the :r: icon on my androd smartphone.
It provides a set of menu alternative shortcuts:

  • Request money,
  • Send money to,
  • Top-up via card,
  • Show exchange rates

I find this feature most useful and find that I am using this way to enter the app more and more frequently so well done :r: :white_check_mark:

I agree with your point. To me Revolut disrupted the Industry by the way it was making the international lifestyle easier than ever before. The new interface makes me feel that it’s slightly different from now on.

Thanks for your input, Rewards is not socially distancing yet on my version. Can’t wait to give it a try! Even if it’s not the right fit yet, it can hardly be worse than the way it displays on the version I have :grinning:

Now all you can change is the balance chart

As of June 2020, the balance chart has disappeared.
I agree that I used to feel a better user experience in the previous versions.


Two top things (which I judge very BASIC) and I hate that it disappeared since I updated the app:

  • you cannot know in advance how much a charge in a different currency is going to cost you because you no longer have the “exchange” option in advance. Especially for currencies that are not supported as accounts (i.e. BRL) this is a pain. I would like to put a certain amount of BRL and know how much that is in USD, or GBP.
  • quick/easy to find Support desk (and chat, even if initially it was the robot). Right now, I have no idea where the Support button is on the app.
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The converter is still there: Profile (far right icon), Widgets, Converter (or Watchlist, if you prefer this option).

Customer support did not move at all. Still far right menu icon, then the circle with the ? – the only detail that changed is it’s a circle now (used to be a speech bubble).


Hi Frank, thank you very much for this!! I was going crazy searching for these. I suppose the app was just more intuitive before (or I was more used to the way it was). I found both items now. Thank you!!

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@Frank the stuff you mention is exactly more difficult/no longer possible after that update. Get rid of your updaticitis.

I totally agree. We must be able to customize the appearance. It’s extremely annoying to have to see those cash back and other adds on the front page. What I want to see is a list of the last 5-10 purchases like it was before. Why did you remove that?