Stop the spam


More and more you are sending me spam messages.

Stop it. I’m not interested in this crap.


You have the legal right to request the termination of such messages. Contact the support and require they stop sending you promo notes.


Thank you.

Revolut - please confirm this is indeed the case?


You should have the right to object to receiving such promo materials, but Revolut appears not to provide this option in its Privacy policy.

Instead they say:

“As stated above, your usage of the Revolut Services is contingent on your expressly opting in to this Privacy Policy. If you change your mind after agreeing and wish to opt out at a later date, you must contact us to cancel your Revolut Account. You can do so by deactivating your account in the app. If you cancel your Revolut Account, we will not use or share your information for marketing or promotional purposes, except in an anonymized or de-identified form.”

Meaning effectively that you would have to close your account in order to stop receiving such info. I would first contaxt the in-pp support and if this does not help, try writing to


@Pagemakers Certainly, please reach out to us on support and we can help you with this!


I’ve just made the request with support… Let’s see how long they take to respond.


So I messaged support 7 hours and NOTHING in reply.

Your support service really has taken a massive turn for the worse. I remember when I would ask support a question and it was answered in 2-3 minutes.


Guys, I have noticed that last period everyone is writing about response delay. Please do not put pressure on them, I’m sure that Revolut team is aware of this, and that they are working on improvements! :slight_smile:


Not sure if your reply was sarcastic or not but re my post above I was told to contact support and here we are 24 hours later still waiting the initial response.

Lately support is so poor it’s worthless.


Seriously look at this response from support over a 24 hour period.

Nothing is sorted.

Just jibberish.


After speaking to support they said they’d stop the spam messages.

Weeks later I’m still getting them. STOP IT PLEASE.


maybe you should add @AndreasK to this thread.


I’m sure he’s watching and could comment if he wanted to!


Hey guys very sorry for any delay you’ve experienced. We are doing all we can to keep wait time at a minimum. We can certainly stop the messages from coming through! If you contact the in app support chat, and say you do not wish to receive these messages, we can manually remove you from getting them. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Please red what we are saying. We have already done that and the spam still comes.


I have written you a private message to discuss this. If you reached out and requested them to stop, then you should no longer receive them from us.


I’ve replied to you.


@larysa.stachowicz A couple of days ago there was no opt out, or at least that’s what I was told via the live chat. I posted about it here: Notification and email spam, ads in chat and transaction list. No opt out?

Have things changed since then? Should I try the live chat again?


If we have added your name to our list to stop these notifications, this should still be an option. I am incredibly sorry for the miscommunication there. Please do reach out to us on chat.