STOP pending payment

I had sad situation today in witch I paid for but after a little research I found out that it was a scam store. Payment is still pending, how can i cancel it? PLEASE HELP.

Card payment? Bank transfer?

Card payment: you need to wait until the payment becomes complete. You then can file a chargeback complaint.

Bank transfer: talk to support as soon as possible. Also via Twitter. They might be able to stop an outgoing transfer that isn’t executed.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH. Where can I find support in Revolut app?

More, help, chat with us.

Also contact them on Twitter. There is usually a big demand at the chat, the social media team might respond faster.

Thanks. Don’t you know, is it even possible to get my money back?

In principle, sure. But I don’t know any details about your specific case. But if you can proof that your case was fraud, official law enforcement or card payment chargeback regulations apply. Mastercard / Visa will investigate your case and will decide then.