Stop deleting transactions from the transaction list!


I have had many cases of the following recently:

  • “Card preauthorisation” by hotels, etc. The way this works with the Revolut card is, you actually get charged the amount (it is subtracted from your balance), and then after you pay this transaction is reversed/cancelled. Revolut DELETES ANY TRACE OF THIS. The initial transaction disappears.

  • Declined transactions because of payments issues Revolut is experiencing. For this reason it can appear I paid in a restaurant, or got cash from an ATM, even though I paid in cash or no cash was dispensed. These transactions are deducted from the balance but they are in “Pending” state. When they eventually get cancelled/reversed Revolut DELETES THEM FROM THE TRANSACTION LIST.

(Noy shouting here, just emphasizing)

Now, it should be obvious why this is untransparent and really unacceptable. But just to give you an example. I have tried to withdraw 100 Zloty (24 eur) while in Poland recently. The ATM didn’t dispense any money, and also gave no paper receipt (just flashed “Transaction denied” on the screen briefly). Not a nice feeling – I have no proof I didn’t get any money. The transaction showed in the Revolut transaction list though, as -24 eur. State was Pending, however the money is deducted from the balance and you cannot use it until the transaction is reversed. This can take a long time, and this time it took seven days or more. At some point the transaction disappeared from my timeline. So I guess it was reversed/cancelled and I got 24 eur credited back to my balance? Maybe! How can I know that? There is no transaction saying “we have credited you 24 eur”. My balance constantly changes as I spend money and top-up, I can’t really be expected to know the exact amount at every point in time, to then be able to say “Ah, it just increased by 24 eur, must be that transaction in Poland from a week back got cancelled”.

Seriously, I am now becoming paranoid as I am not quite sure I am getting the money back from these past failed transactions. I have resorted to taking screenshots of my Revolut screens, and at first opportunity when I have more time I am going to go through them to work out with pen and paper whether I got screwed at some point.

Should I be having to do that? Seriously!? This is starting to look worse than traditional banks.

Revolut, please stop disappearing transactions!