Stolen phone


Hello, my phone has been stolen while I am abroad and I am trying to use my boyfriends phone to log in to my revolut account, but as I can’t receive a text with the code to log in, I pressed the ‘haven’t receive code’ option but when I wrote a message explaining my problem it had an exclamation mark in the corner so I don’t think it has sent.
Any help getting into my account would be appreciated, and I can’t change the phone number associated with the account as my boyfriends phone number is already linked to his revolut account.
Thank you very much


Hello @Scarletth,

Let’s get in touch via a direct message now so we can resolve this as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


Hello @AndreasK,

I have the same problem right now - could we get in touch via direct message, please? Really need to solve the issue…

Thank you.




hello @AndreasK
I have same problem!!!

I tried comminicate with support…but nobody don`t answer me!
Please lock my card!!!


I’ve told you what to do in the two other posts you’ve made on the topic - read them !


Deep breaths and relax @TonyP


Yea sorry.

Trying to help but the OP posted same thing on 3 threads and doesn’t seem to have read any of em.